In the year 2045, when the Global Climate goals have not been met and the air quality and access to water has gotten worse, the BioPermit is created by the Costa Rican Ministry of Survival. This program helps citizens obtain a license to care for plants in order to build empathy for the environment and reduce plant life extinction. 

The BioPermit is a service that builds empathy through wearables directly connected to home plants and ensures that only people who pass the licensing can take care of plants. When signing up to obtain a BioPermit, the user receives a starter pack which includes a BioCollar, a sensor and a plant. The BioCollar is a wearable for the neck that is connected to sensors in the plant and uses haptic feedback to build this sense of empathy. It becomes tight when the plant needs water, gets hot when the plant has too much sunlight, and vibrates when the plant has an infestation. The collar must be worn for 7 days in order to receive the BioPermit. 

In order to build this concept, the team did a speculative process to understand the future scenario. Further, the process included bodystorming, prototyping with different sensors, and user testing. The feedback obtained from users was insightful and helped us notice the feasibility of this concept in a near future.