Lovester is a playful take on wearable device technology leveraging serendipitous moments in the physical world to create an opportunity for meeting new people with confidence. Lovester is a product that marries the best of real-life and online dating. 

User Research on Dating

Online Dating: People feel more than at ease in approaching and having small talk with people online. It also provides them with an opportunity to meet with new people – especially the ones they normally don’t cross paths with from the comfort of their homes. Interestingly, it also allows them to do a faster shortlisting from a much bigger group of people. 

Real-life Dating: People like the much higher level of attention/engagement they get from their date. It avoids incorrect representation which is notoriously omnipresent in online dating. Most importantly, people love the old-school charm of serendipitously meeting strangers as they would have an interesting story to tell in the future.

Different Phases of Matching

Searching: It’s a female-first device that vibrates when a potential match is nearby. The device presents a Match Score (on a scale of 5) and social verification to assist in decision making.

Conversation: When paired, the device helps to make conversation smoother through name and starter points. The device reads physiological data like heartbeat, pheromone, dopamine, and speech levels to quantify a “Spark” level. The Device calculates the “Spark” level in real-time and “Nudges” the user before the conversation dies. The “Nudges” are personalized recommendations on relevant topics to ask the other person to keep the conversation going.  

Voila! Match Successful: 

When the “Spark Meter” reaches 100%, the bands can be touched to “Match”. The action of touching the band is necessary to give the user control for the final decision. It exchanges phone numbers when a “Match” is successful.