Yang Li

Nationality: China
Area(s) of Expertise: Food design, Design research, Economics

Yang is a design researcher with the background in Economics. He is interested in investigating human identities concerning food and how to make impactful changes in the food system with design and technology.

Before graduating from the Master of Food Design and Innovation in Milan, he studied Economics at Renmin University of China in Beijing. During that time, he was aware of how traditional academia lacked creative engagement. An active search led him to work on multiple self-initiated design projects speculating the food future and later on a one-year study, where he gained an overall understanding of the roles that design plays in the food industry.

Having lived in multiple countries and studying in different fields, he values applying a multidisciplinary approach to building empathy, reaching understanding, and evoking arguments for the interest of people. He has experience in design research, rapid prototyping, and design thinking. After graduating from the master of Food Design, he did an internship with designer Martí Guixé and participated in design research projects in China and Bulgaria about food education and social intervention. He intends to populate food design knowledge through teaching.

He is hoping to spend the year at CIID learning research and prototyping tools and getting hands-on experience with different technologies. He looks forward to working with professionals across disciplines.

Yang likes spending his free time rummaging through vintage stores and markets, and he has the habit of collecting quirky trash images in the street.