Pooja Pawwar

Nationality: Indian
Area Of Expertise: Graphic User Interface Designer

Having grown up in a small lake town in the mountains of Uttrakhand- at the foothills of the Himalayan Range, Pooja learnt that Nature is always giving.

While studying Visual Communication Design, with a Bachelor of Arts Pooja imbibed that design, if inspired by nature, can never fail- Continuity, Simplicity, Repetition and Balance make it meaningfully intact and relatable.

Working at Samsung in the IM-UX team, she worked on mobile applications for locally inspired projects, which affect the global market. She had an opportunity to be part of the innovation team that made a real difference in the lives of millions of people worldwide.

The creativity and diversity of the people who she has worked with has opened new design dimensions which led her to being curious about Interaction Design which is the foundation that leads to keeping everything intact and running. She is inspired to learn, study and proactively work on all type of projects – social, environmental & others, which deal with problems and provide easy solutions that make a real and honest difference.

Pooja enjoys writing, fashion blogging, traveling, swimming and kayaking. She is also a yoga practioner and still learning everyday. She believes a true intent can take you far, and when we engage ourselves with material/design/life, we must exploit it and not disguise it, to understand the inherent strengths of all and ours.