Mitsu K. Shah

Nationality: Indian
Area of Expertise: System Design, Research and Product Development

Mitsu is a multi-disciplinary designer from Mumbai, India who loves exploring different aspects of design yet unfamiliar to her.

After graduating in Product Design from National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad, India – she worked across various projects that involved Research, System Design & Product Development, Interior & Spatial Design, and Graphic Design.

Her hands-on methodical approach, penchant for problem solving – breaking down complex to simple, imparting training and co-creating skill-based workshops for children made her an integral member of the organisations she has worked with.

A keen observer, eager learner and symmetry lover, Mitsu has always found design to be her way of expressing and transforming. She believes that ideas emulate a designer’s personal ideals; the art and science of design allows designers to transcribe intangible values into tangible solutions that can, in their little yet significant way, change the world.

At CIID, Mitsu is keen on working with other like-minded, diverse design enthusiasts to further her quest in understanding various real-world design experiences. Through this collaborative work atmosphere, she hopes to better her approach to design, critical & logical thinking, to create engaging user-product experiences.