Marc Raum

Nationality: Swiss
Area of Expertise: Growing teams, solution design

Marc studied philosophy, linguistics and computer science. He completed his PhD at the Institute of Logic, Language and Computation in Amsterdam where he worked on social conventions and norms. Back in Switzerland, he has been working for a public sector IT service provider in an executive position. His focus was on implementing a customer-centric outside-in approach to renew the corporate core (e.g. HR, finance, procurement) to help the organisation become more innovative. There, his passion for service design, design thinking and agile methods in general grew.

Before, he worked on multi-modal communication (speech and gestures) in two collaborative research centers in Germany. And even earlier, he’s been an IT guy at a software company in Zurich, typically spending his days with customers at their sites to implement the solutions or with devs to get their environments up and running.

During his year at CIID, Marc is keen on experiencing new perspectives. He’s curious to learn more about interaction design and to collaborate with and learn from the other curious minds at CIID. He wants to build useful things from a human perspective in order to apply the knowledge for a greater good.