Joseph Chi

Nationality: Guatemala/Costa Rica
Area of expertise: Architecture, Photography

Joseph has been influenced by computers since an early age; this has permeated through his personal and professional development. Since the beginning of his academic formation, he has been interested in photography which led to his observational behaviour. This triggered his curiosity to understand the growth and balance of systems.

During his education in architecture, he had the opportunity to work with communities of informal settlements which provides a great example of human adaptation capabilities. This led to a growing interest in participatory design and data.

He has been exploring architecture through theorised reiterative processes that serve as hypotheses for self-generative architecture and the way it adapts through its surroundings. He is interested in combining architecture and technology to be able to understand and generate interactive spaces that merge with our architecture and culture, thus rethinking the interactivity of our public environment in dialogue with the architectural experience of how it has been designed.

He is excited to explore and understand human behaviour correlated to the preference of different atmospheres and typologies and how this is influenced by character and state of mind.