Hiroki Sato

Nationality: Japanese
Area of Expertise: Editorial Advertising, Marketing

Hiroki has a background in marketing and communication with clients in education and healthcare. He desires to pivot his career to develop products and services with his experience in concept development and in empathising with target customers. He is keen to see the difference that human centered design and the application of technology can bring in the direction of ‘wellness development’.

He has been in charge of planning editorial communication and digital marketing in the advertising business for the past 4 years. He honed his skills on copywriting, research/interviews, workshop planning and analytics when he was an Account Planner at Recruit Communications, and a Media Planner at Universal McCann. He felt most rewarded when his work provides a positive influence on customers’ decisions on important life stages in such fields as PR for universities and disorder/disease awareness campaigns for pharma/medical device clients.

In his career transition, he is looking to practice programming and get equipped with various tools and design thinking methods as he is eager to find new approaches to experiment with behavioral and biological data.

Hiroki holds a BA in International Relations from the University of Tokyo. During that time he became interested in creating sustainable business in developing parts of the world. He is preparing to launch a fragrance brand from Laos and is interested in working with the human body in an olfactory sense.