Gaana Srinivas

Nationality: Indian

Area of Expertise: Digital Product Design

Gaana is a user experience designer based in Bangalore, India. After doing her bachelor’s in the field of Media and Communication Studies, she immersed herself in the craft of creating beautiful, usable interfaces and has gained experience in different kinds of work environments – from being the single UX designer for a lifestyle startup, to part of the India Experiences Group at Amazon.

She believes that well-designed interfaces should not be a privilege but a right, and enjoys the opportunity to get out in the field and do firsthand research for her projects. Gaana is an advocate of learning by doing, and tries to tackle every problem she can get her hands on. She’s worked on projects in the gaming space, food tech and fintech, and is fascinated by the ways design leverages human psychology.

At CIID, she hopes to learn more about programming and machine learning which she believes will help broaden the scope of what she can achieve with design. She also can’t wait to research, collaborate, and mastermind with her diverse and storied classmates!