Davi Magalhães

Nationality: Brazilian
Area of expertise: UI/UX Design, Graphic Design

A graduate in Industrial Design with a concentration in visual programming, Davi is a creative professional with over a decade of experience working with both the corporate and governmental sectors. Due to his diverse experience with many different areas of graphic design, he has grown accustomed to working on multidisciplinary teams. Over time, Davi has become known for bridging the gap between colleagues from different fields of expertise in order to build the strongest solutions to complex problems.

Davi believes in life-long learning. His passion for digital media and a fascination for data-aware design has led him to begin a research Master in Information and Interaction Design, which he is currently concluding. His thesis consists of connecting collections of large sets of data with interaction design in order to improve decision-making in the design process.

Born and raised in Brazil, Davi loves learning about new cultures and traditions through travel and study. Knowledge and inspiration that comes from a variety of different sources not only enrich him personally, but also change the way he approaches his own design solutions.

At CIID, Davi is thrilled to experiment with new design methods in an innovative, hands-on learning environment. He welcomes this unique opportunity to learn and advance his career with a diverse and creative group of people.