Byron Salas

Nationality: Costa Rican
Area of Expertise: Social Management, Social Innovation, Youth Employability, Education

Byron graduated from the University of Costa Rica, with a degree in Political Science. In the last 14 years, he has developed and led different social projects, focused on promoting access to education, for young people living in poverty in Central America.

His work and results have allowed him to establish alliances with different national and international organisations, including: the United Nations, UNESCO, University for Peace, the Ministry of Public Education of Costa Rica, the Inter-American Development Bank and the private sector.

Among the latest highlighted projects, the use of Virtual Reality, as a tool for the formation of socio-emotional skills in young students (in partnership with the IDB), as well as the use of Blockchain in the implementation of the social program “Soy Cambio”, in Costa Rica .

His participation in CIID aims to lay the foundations for the medium-term development of a technological solution that facilitates educational processes in the refugee and migrant population, in Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe.