Amit Aggarwal

Nationality: Indian
Area of Expertise: Communications, Graphic Design, Entrepreneurship

Amit Aggarwal is a multidisciplinary communication designer from India and has over five years of work experience in designing for brands, Digital platforms and various communications. He is a graduate in Graphic Design from MIT Institute of Design, Pune, India.

He started of as a traditional graphic designer and slowly started getting interested in screens and interfaces. Understanding what motivates / de-motivates the users to perform a certain task is what interests him.

Amit approaches all his projects like a cubist painting with different perspectives layers and patterns. Constantly building towards improving the ROI for the client to create customer delight.

He ventured out set up his own studio in 2016 to help early stage startups in Bangalore, India with their design related requirements. He has been helping these startups to define their customer journeys, figuring out gaps and opportunities, helping them build stronger brands and strategising their investors pitch.

He believes that the course at CIID will fill gaps and provide him with hands-on knowledge about various aspects of interaction design. Collaborating and working with other students from different backgrounds, he looks to understand more about cultural and social impact of technological change.

When he is usually not seen at his work table, he would mostly be in the kitchen cooking a new recipe or with his paint brush and canvas painting his imagination.