Wetsuit Drying Hanger

The Wetsuit Drying Hanger is a hanger with a twist: it is a solar charged device that dries your clothes quickly with an incorporated humidity sensor.

The ideation process started with research on the pain points of a sailor’s life, and what can be done to improve it. The research indicated that a wetsuit takes a long time to dry and it can be troublesome to put on a damp wetsuit.  After brainstorming ideas and clustering different solutions into one cohesive concept, the team did a few low fidelity prototypes to test this idea. Many iterations were done before reaching the final form factor.

The Wetsuit Drying Hanger was designed to be portable and easy to use, so it can be carried with you anywhere, even when you are sailing. An additional feature is that the hanger has a humidity sensor and it connects to your smartphone, thus you receive a notification on your phone when the wetsuit has dried

As storytelling is a fundamental part of a video, the team drew several different storyboards to explore the best way to show the Wetsuit Drying Hanger in context. Receiving feedback and roleplaying the storyboards were really important in choosing the best way to tell this story.

When the final storyboard was ready, the team planned the shooting, which happened outdoors. The planning and scheduling was one of the biggest learnings of the week because filming outdoors presented many challenges and unpredictabilities, such as weather, lighting and sound capture. The editing of the final cut took several rounds of ideation and feedback to find the right timing and style for the overall concept.

In this three days project of Introduction to Video, the team was tasked with giving a new purpose to a common object, and the target audience were sailors.