Story in a Bag

In today’s screen-addicted world, it can be hard to keep the kids that I work with engaged. For the daytime I have with these kids, I really want them to focus less on screens and more on the world around them.” (Finn, 31, Kindergarten teacher)

Story in a Bag is an AI-powered storytelling device designed to keep young children engaged without the help of a screen. The concept was inspired by an interview with kindergarten teachers and parents who were looking for kids to keep themselves entertained.

This story-generating play set consists of a transparent, easy to carry bag that features an AI and several small, smart toys. To design a story, children select a genre toy, a protagonist toy, and an adventure toy, place it in the bag, and shake them all together. Having received the child’s input, the AI creates a dynamic new story based on the selection.

The Story in a Bag was created as part of a video interactions class. The team learned to produce a design video, use film as an effective prototyping tool, and collaborate with actors (even a child actor!) in a shoot.