Ghostwriter is a short experiment made for the Video Interactions class where teams were required to use film as a medium to communicate technical and human interactions with an object. The brief was to imagine new functions for an obsolete mundane object, attach it to a new user group and create a compelling story around it.

The concept of this project was developed around the theme of fake news taking over the internet, questioning their purpose, relationship with their author as well as their repercussion over reality.

While exploring the implementation of emerging technology such as artificial intelligence into an obsolete object that is a typewriter, this project had for objective to express how reality can so easily be bent and manipulated through the contemporary phenomenon known as “fake news”.

In this video, a vintage typewriter is discovered by a journalist during her work day. Bringing it back home, to her surprise, the machine is seemingly intelligent and alive. By feeding it words, the typewriter gets trained to write “fake news” on its own and becomes the journalists assistant.

How long until this fictional story becomes reality?