UNPLUG was designed during the Sustainable Tangible Product class, of which the brief was to imagine and create an electronic product with a positive glocal impact.

The team focused on the global challenge of electronic waste and energy consumption, #12 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that addresses responsible consumption and production. Narrowing down the scope to a local level, the goal was to raise awareness about standby energy consumption and poor life expectancy of electronic products.


The magnetic charger for mobile phones and laptops self ejects once the battery is fully charged. This extends the life cycle of the batteries and thus of the devices by preventing overcharging.


Based on the key research insights on habits of charging electronic devices, the team came up with four design principles:

  • Unplug: responsible consumption
  • Playful: fun device with a character
  • Show your impact: tangible/visible representation
  • Positivity: positive reinforcement