Time Machine

Households consume 29% of global energy and consequently contribute to 21% of resultant CO2 emissions. Vampire devices use energy even when they are switched off, or are not performing their primary function. Tackling energy consumption in households, especially in families with children is crucial. 

From research, game consoles consume up to 44% of their total energy while in standby mode.

Time Machine is a video game console adapter-device. It teaches kids about energy consumption in household vampire devices, and in this case- the video game console.
Kids can learn about standby power consumption in a playful and engaging way that nudges them into responsible behaviors towards a sustainable lifestyle. This will help them learn the mindset of “save now” to have more in the future.

How does it work?
When Time Machine detects the “vampire” standby mode after play, it cues the kid to unplug the video game console. While the console is unplugged, Time Machine triggers a ball drop every hour. Every ball gives the kid an additional 5 minutes of playing time. The kid can then feed the balls back into Time Machine to redeem their ‘extra time’.

Our learnings:

  • Design with positive impact considering overall lifecycle including the design phase, production, use and after life scenario
  • Not only the direct impact of Time Machine saves energy now, but the ripple effect it causes due to behavioural change is exponential and has long-lasting effects
  • Fun tangible and intangible interaction starts from physical input, digital output and redeeming the digital back into a physical output