The Little ‘K’

Kettles are one of the most common and easy to find products in households around the world. Their low economic value and simplicity to use, makes it being used constantly. This electricity consumption has a huge impact on the environment and is generated as a result of poor consumption habits and careless behaviour around it – the tendency to overfill comes from the uncertainty of the number of people being served, how many cups of water shall be consumed, what size or shape of the cup will be used,  a minimum amount of water required for the base not to dry up.

In this context, it is essential to rethink its design and interaction with the users. In the global context with climate change and excessive use of resources threaten the ecosystem and life for the current and future generations. 

The Little ‘K’ is an electronic device that adheres to the Kettle, facilitates the reading of the level of water required by the user, prevents over-fill, and helps reduce the energy consumption derived from water overheating.The prototype uses a sensor programmed with Arduino Uno, which is activated when it comes in contact with water, generating signals that light the LED according to the increase in the water level.

The concept of the product is based on the philosophy of Circular Economy, so the design seeks to extend the life of the product, through the provision of technical service and the disassembly of the device by the user for maintenance and repair.