The UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) No 7 for affordable & clean energy has a specific target of “By 2030, double the global rate of improvement in energy efficiency.” Within Europe, space heating is a very large proportion of expenditure for most European households (64.7% of final residential energy consumption in 2016). 

Laziator is an add-on heating savings service, which yields cost & energy savings without compromising on comfort.

The service is delivered by an app (which provides detailed feedback & interactions with user) and an electromechanical device that is added onto existing radiators. Using sensors, preset comfort levels, and machine learning, the Laziator device mechanically adjusts the radiator settings to optimize for heating savings within a user’s comfort level. 

The service could be rolled-out with a free heating-savings consultation, followed by a free 1-month trial period of the solution. After the trial, if users subscribe, Laziator takes a cut (10%) from the user’s heating bill savings; this aligns the user and solution provider in optimizing user’s heating savings.

The service was designed with the following design principles, which were in turn derived from a discussion on sustainability values:

  • Create a net positive user experience
  • Work with what’s already there (i.e. existing and sufficient
  • Materials, as well as getting to sufficient heat)
  • Make the invisible visible, so as to influence behaviours e.g. cost of
  • Raising heat
  • Evolve over time

As a service model, Laziator allows the service provider to maximize the reuse of components, reducing negative after-life and whole life-cycle environmental impact.