Cardorama is a toy service concept that aims to reduce waste produced by the toy industry by utilising materials that are easy to recycle and re-using components that are difficult to recycle.

Cardorama proposes a modular toy system with a ‘smart core’ that brings shells made of cardboard to life. One of the components of the electronic core is a color sensor that reprograms the toy to behave differently based on the color it detects on the inside of the cardboard shell.

The electronic components in this product will continue to live on for several cycles and could eventually go back to the company where it could be refurbished and resold.

Cardorama was the result of desk and primary research that shed light on the wastefulness of toys. We thought of the global problem and how that problem presented itself on a more local level.

  • On a global scale, 80% of the toys produced end up in landfills. These toys are often small, difficult to take apart and very difficult to recycle as they are composed of diverse materials-plastic, electronic components, fabric etc.
  • On a local level, parents buy cheap toys because children lose interest in toys very quickly due to their quick cognitive growth, leading them to constantly buy new toys. The old toys then ultimately end up in landfills.

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