Reissue is an online + IRL service that helps foster connections through style.

Through our research, our key insight was that fashion trends are cyclical and people have a lot of clothes lying around which they don’t wear anymore. These clothes belonged to a fashion era, and people have these clothes without realising it. We interviewed more people to see if this was a pattern or an outlier, and this is when we started seeing an opportunity.

There existed a gap between two user groups. First, the people who have have clothes lying around from a particular trend/era that they don’t use anymore. Second, people who want to live through those trends in the current day and are in quest of finding places to buy them. We wanted to leverage this gap in the market to foster personal connections and community through this exchange.

The seller uploads an old picture of them wearing that dress and writes a short note for the new buyer. When the new buyer receives the box, they see the note and picture. From co-creation activities, we realised the note and image have a powerful impact in forming a personal connection. Once the personal connection has been formed, the buyer has an option to follow the seller on the portal and meet them at various events and workshops hosted by reissue.

The long term goal of reissue is to build a community through events and clothes exchange. The service is also planned to be sustainable over the long run since it promotes the exchange and reuse of second hand clothes.