Raise – Improving Parents’ Lives

According to a Eurostat 2017 survey, 30% of households in Denmark are single parents families, the highest percentage in Europe. Even though this number is on the rise, single parents families can rely on fewer resources and are under higher pressure. This makes them emotionally and materially more vulnerable.

Raise is an integrated service that helps parents to improve their lives by growing their social relations and support networks. The user’s journey starts by signing up for a session with a parental coach. The coach is a volunteer that is or has been a single parent. He/She is trained for this role by the Raise team.

Based on the mapped support network, the parental coach helps single parents to understand what services are available to them, whether they are provided by the municipality or by Raise itself. For example, Raise also provides SleepShare, a service that promotes sleepovers between families, so the children make new friends, and parents get a free evening and morning.

This project was developed over three weeks, using generative research and systems approach. First, the team used social research methods and collaborative design to understand the needs, frustration points, and goals of the target group: single parents and primary caretakers living in Copenhagen. Then, the team complemented contextual research with in-depth interviews with six single parents and primary caretakers as well as three subject matter experts: a social entrepreneur, a child mentor, and a childcare professional. 

During the project, the team prototyped different touchpoints for the service and carried-out co-creating sessions with the interviewees to iterate on the service. The feedback was continuously used to improve the service.