Keymmunity is a service that makes the process of moving to a new country easier by helping expats find suitable accommodation and roommates that they are likely to get along with. The core value proposition of the service lies in matching expats with locals who have a room to rent based on a series of fun questions that makes users reflect on past experiences with roommates and hence specify better what their expectation from future roommates may be.

Additional features include area recommendations for expats based on the location of their workplace/school, partner hostels and Airbnbs where members receive premium service and trusted reviews left by past members on the website.


The team started off by exploring the concept of Social Capital and identifying groups of people who may be the most vulnerable. One group that stood out, in particular, was immigrants & expats. This led the team to investigate the question “How might we help expats from non-western countries build a support system & sense of community in Denmark?”

Through a series of interviews and focus groups with the target audience, the team found that accommodation is major source of insecurity amongst expats in Copenhagen. This often causes them to take up accommodation that is not up to their standards and to accept behaviour (from landlords & roommates) that is unacceptable. The team then developed an initial service blueprint based on insights gathered through interviews. Using the service blueprint and a series of low fidelity tools, the team conducted several co-creation sessions to refine the idea and matchmaking process.