Sound Species

Decline in genetic diversity is one of the main issues related to climate change. On average, one species extinct every 7.2 minutes per day. Removed from our daily lives, species extinction does not get enough of people’s attention. 

Have you ever imagined the ability to sense species extinction? With augmented senses, what if this could be a possibility, just like you can sense the wind, the sun and even earthquakes?

Sound Species hidden in city metros curates a sensory experience for citizens to be aware of species extinction whenever a species goes extinct. The curated sound experience combines technical sounds that represent different kinds of digital species scattered around the city. Sound Species broadcasts different layers of unique yet discomforting sounds that catches people’s attention, evoking reflection on extinction risk from climate change.

In the near future, all species may become extinct. Sound Species may be the only companion that human beings have to remind us of all that has been lost. This concept raises awareness of this situation and urges people to take action.