Plush Pass

Your apartment is a personal safe space, but the way we initiate contact and access it is often impersonal, and clumsy. Think about digging out your keys from your pocket and fitting this small metal plate into the keyhole or entering a 6-digit number into a pinpad. During this week long course on sensory design, the team explored alternative ways to grant access to an intimate space. Using touch as a sense to create a more intimate interaction between the inhabitant or visitor and the front door the team developed Plush Pass.

Plush Pass is a new kind of touch ID that comes in an organic shape and with a soft, inviting surface. Pinned up on your front door it identifies if a visitor’s sweeping gesture matches the formlerly configured, customized pressure and touch pattern. No two people interact with a surface quite the same way, and as a result, Plush Pass has the potential to become a unique and secure way to connect with your home. Plush Pass was made using Arduino, Makey Makey, and lots of conductive thread.