moodSync is the result of a 3-day project developed during the Sensory Design course in which we were tasked with designing a non-visual sensing interface for a daily interaction.

moodSync is a device that helps people empathize with each other’s experiences. Instead of just telling people how you felt when something happens in your life, you can also make people feel what you felt.

The device is connected to a smartwatch which is always recording your heartbeat and keeps a 1-minute buffer of it. When something memorable happens in your life, whether you received a promotion at work or you heard sad news from a family member, you press a button on your smartwatch and it saves how you felt at that moment in the form of heartbeats.

Later, the user is able to choose one of the different recorded emotions and play it on moodSync, which replicates the heartbeat of that moment. The moodSync is then held by the other person to feel the emotions their friend/loved one went through as they recount their story.

The device works in asynchronous mode, which means that the receiver senses the “mood message” after it was sent. This way, the user can share it with whoever and how many times he or she wants.