Memory Marker

Memories are captured and revisited in the form of photographs. We now have hundreds of photographs attached to different memories – birthdays, weddings, childbirths, etc. But what makes a memory special? Can we re-experience them as a group while living in different places?

If I use Memory Marker, I can assign a specific fragrance for an important event in my life. This fragrance is released during the event. After it, my group of friends receives Memory Marker jars as event favours. Months go by, and I want to revisit the memory. I open my Memory Marker jar.

This activates all the connected Memory Marker devices in my group. The blue light lets me know that all devices have activated their memories.

When my friend recognises this, he opens his jar to release the fragrance captured during the event. The green light signifies the release of this memory! Now both of us can access and experience this lovely shared memory together across the world!

In this three day long project, the team learned to integrate other senses into an interaction concept using scent and connected devices.