From farm to fork

Regardless of where we’re from, food is something that unites us all.

This said, many of us living in urban settings have slowly lost touch with our food sources. How much do we know about the food production process, about the stakeholders involved and the impacts the process has on our environment and communities? Are there ways to build better connections with our food?

The team sought to re-establish this lost connection by reimagining how we engage with food. What if our food could speak and tell us about the journey of where it’s been and who it’s interacted with?

In a playful way, From Farm to Fork shares stories from people involved in the food journey. It encourages us to rethink our food sources and better connect us with the food we eat.

A speculative design solution where an audio sticker starts to play the recording from the production and supply chain as soon as it is picked up. It explores the feeling of alternative experiences that gives sound to an object which we associate only with touch and smell.

This could be a step toward greater transparency around sustainable and ethical practices in the food industry.