Audio Compass

Audio Compass is a unique object that enables music lovers to explore a city by letting them tune into the sounds of various music events happening around the city. Once the user has tuned into an event that they like, Audio Compass will guide them to the location of the event through a subtle sound interface.

Audio Compass’s navigation style demands no visual attention which is in sharp contrast to navigation experiences today. While Audio Compass’s navigation experience promises to open users up to serendipitous encounters in the city.

The handheld device pairs with Bluetooth earphones and supports two gestures – rotate and click. Rotating the dial allows users to tune into different audio events and clicking the button toggles between the discover and the navigation modes. The team also explored ways in which the user might indicate how far they are willing to travel-by sliding the button further away from the centre.

Audio Compass was built as part of the sensory design course where the team was exploring alternative ways to experience a daily interaction-in this case, finding and navigating to a music event in the city.