Wild Nothing 156

The problem
We live in an environment which is surrounded by hazardous risk factors. While sunlight is beautiful, overexposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation can damage collagen fibers, accelerate aging of the skin, and even cause skin cancer. We can not escape from this environment, and it is hard to notice the unsafe level of these factors due to its invisibility.

What’s Wild Nothing 156?
Wild Nothing is an entity made for increasing awareness of environmental factors by eating invisible environmental data such as UV, temperature, air quality, and representing it as street data visualization.

How does it work?
Wild Nothing 156 captures environmental data while autonomously crawling the city, expressing the current environmental status by visualizing it on the street, taking different amounts of ink of different colors to represent the gathered data of each factor. Each color represents each environmental factor:

  • Red: UV
  • Purple: Temperature
  • White: Air Quality

The technicalities
Wild Nothing 156 is controlled through an Arduino Uno. An ultrasonic sensor is used to detect the distance from an object. Using a servo motor, it constantly senses the distance over 180 degrees and avoids obstacles collaborating with DC motors & wheels to navigate the environment. Three peristaltic pumps are used to extract the colored ink from the ink pack and drop the ink on the street. The amount of ink is controlled by the levels of environmental data captured by the UV sensor, temperature sensor, and air quality sensor. Also, a fan is used to spread the ink after dropping it, to represent the data in a polar grid graph.

One of our challenges was to design the optimal form of the machine to compress those bunch of motors, sensors and ink bags to fit into one compact machine, so that it can move smoothly & autonomously obtaining the form from its own needs.