White Space

Art galleries are full of great and unique artworks, while the entrance tickets often lack good design. This is how the idea of White Space came up – a drawing machine that lets the ticket become part of the gallery experience. It allows visitors to visualize their gallery experience by drawing colorful patterns on their tickets.

After experiencing the gallery, the visitors can insert the ticket into the machine and interact with the potentiometers to define their excitement level and duration of stay. Based on this information, the machine will turn the ticket into a beautiful artwork that can be taken home as a memory or shared with friends.

The machine consists of three main components: The paint application, the paint dispersion and the box. The paint application component includes three 360° servo motors which are connected to 3D printed linear servo actuators. The servo motors press the syringes to release the paint. The duration of stay will influence the tone of the color composition: the longer the duration, the warmer the colors.

The paint dispersion component consists of a brush which is connected to a 180° servo motor that spreads the paint on the ticket. The speed of the movement is mapped to the excitement level. The more excited the visitor is about the exhibition, the faster the brush moves.

The box offers a slot for inserting the ticket, two potentiometers for defining the parameters and a button to start painting. Its pure white appearance and the closed form create a surprising element. A small window on top of the box allows the visitor to peek inside the machine to raise the curiosity even more. The result of the print however is only revealed after pulling out the ticket.