Looping Together

Community houses like Nørrebrohallen are meant to bring together people of different backgrounds. Looping Together is conceived as an art installation meant to connect communities through party music, neon visuals and the heroic role of DJs, with community members taking turns as co-DJs.

The installation is a drawing machine controlled by two synth-like panels. It is conceived to be situated in the lobby of Nørrebrohallen. It transforms the use of looping music instruments used by DJs into vibrant, circular paintings, drawn by the spirograph drawing machine. The entire installation is fully illuminated by UV lighting, to simulate the lighting commonly found in clubs & raves. The print-out is also highly visible in UV lighting.

The synth-panels are separated by the spirographic drawing machine. As a result, the machine can only be operated by working together with another person on the “stage” – thereby increasing the connectedness between the community members as they perform as DJs.

Looping Together uses an Arduino microcontroller, custom code that employs an event-driven architecture, a DC-motor with gearbox and multiple LED strips. Through this one-week project, the team learned about the importance of prototyping through physical computing, placing the physical computing prototypes within its specific context of use, and using storytelling to convey the overarching Why.