Music Box & Light Mask

Music Box

Music Box is a generative musical instrument that allows users to produce music on rotating a rod coated with conductive fabric. In addition to that, one can bend the music produced by pressing the sensor on the side of the box.

The conductive fabric on the rod closes the piano key circuit at random intervals, producing a unique melody on every rotation.

The pressure sensor on the side of the box changes the resistance of the circuit, bending the melody and varying the brightness of the LEDs.

Light Mask

Light Mask is a wind instrument. The team explored the idea of a playful instrument that produces light when air is blown on it. It is meant to be a project in the arts and crafts area which conveys that electronics can be fun and easy.

It has two layers. On one side, a series of LEDs are connected in a parallel circuit. The ‘fringe tips’ on the other layer is also lined with a circuit.

On blowing at the mask, the two layers come in contact with the other, closing the circuit and causing the LEDs to light up. This leads to a very playful and enjoyable experience with the instrument.

Have a look at the videos on the right to see how both the instruments function.