Lille Landsby

Lille Landsby, is a one-day exploration of electronics, to showcase a typical summer day in a Danish village. Breaking out of the stereotypical ideas of electronics, the team played with various forms of electronic material such as fabric, paint, adhesive copper tapes. Playing with various form factors inspired us to take a craft approach towards building electronic circuits and devices.

Mermaid sightings are common and the villagers share strong friendship and camaraderie in Lille Landsby. The sun shines the brightest around mid-day and sets around 9pm. After the sunset, villagers lit up their houses exactly at the same time and the mermaids start dancing their way deeper into the water.

Conductive paint was used to vary the resistance and create a range of lightning effect for the sun and the mermaid. Simple electric circuits using adhesive copper tape were used to lit up the houses.

The exploration led to new discoveries of the electronic materials and sparked curiosity among team members for new possibilities in the future.