Emotionless dating

In the near future, to have neutral emotions is regarded as a virtue for an increasing number of people. They are tired of expressing excessive feelings, which they regard as something social media forced them to do. For them, to stay calm is an important factor to be attractive.

In this future, speed dating services prepare the event for singles by directing the participants’ conversation through a machine. You can pay extra for a special service, in which the computer helps you come up with increasingly weird or personal questions for your date and decides if that person is a match for you or not.

The camera tracks the emotions of the other person and the computer will analyze those emotions and make a decision for you. When a participant successfully stays calm even with weird questions, she or he is determined to be a match.

This project was developed during three days for the introduction to machine learning course. The team was tasked with exploring not only what can be done with machine learning but also how human behaviour could be changed by that. After many brainstorm and ideation sessions, the team was captivated by the idea of machines detecting human emotions. For this concept, the output was designed in an asymmetric way so the person being analyzed does not know what the machine is telling the person asking questions.

One of the greatest challenges and learnings of this project was to determine what was feasible to code in a short amount of time with the available tools and knowledge. Finding this right balance was an important criteria for choosing and refining the final concept. The team took an iterative approach for the code, building small features one at a time and improving the state machine until reaching the final product. The project was created using P5JS and CLM tracker.