City Gardens

City Gardens is a large-scale project aiming to promote healthier food choices within families in a way that strengthens their bond. The journey starts with a brand aimed at children that offers certain grocery products such as ketchup. These products contain seeds of the vegetable or fruit they are made of as a part of the packaging. The seeds will prompt conversations between the kids and their parents about where the food comes from and how it is produced. Families can plant them either at their home or at the nearest City Garden, which is the main touchpoint of the project.

In addition to cultivated areas, the City Gardens offer playgrounds, picnic areas, and for those who are not familiar with planting seeds, a weekly meet-and-greet with local farmers. All these different activities will give families many reasons to return often to the City Gardens and to spend quality time together.

This two-week People-Centred Research project started with a series of observations at food-related venues and interviews with different people about their cooking and eating habits. The collected data was clustered to insights and then developed into How-Might-We statements. Tools like card sorting, mapping, and chain of value were used for better understanding the context and analyzing the data.

During an intensive brainstorming session, a wide range of promising ideas came up, which were then evaluated and narrowed down based on relevant criteria such as feasibility and impact. As a next step, they were refined during co-creation sessions with two new interviewees. Finally, three of the ideas were further developed into solutions, one of which is the City Gardens.