Check Yourself / New Nordic Community Garden

Over these two weeks, the team sought to explore the attitudes of Copenhageners and ideate on how to shift their behaviour towards better health and ‘glocal’ sustainability.

Amongst other methods, the team did in-depth interviews as part of our techniques in the process, based on which they created personas and identified trends about food habits.

After synthesizing findings from in-depth interviews and creating themes by clustering stories, the team chose to focus on two aspects of the foodscape –

  • Within our sample size, the choice of ‘Organic’ or Øko products seemed largely influenced by social movements, but most people were skeptical or unsure of what the term really meant.
  • Traditional Danish food is perceived to be unhealthy and boring by CPHers, whereas even non-Danish citizens of the city have absorbed Danish family values around cooking and eating together


With these insights, the team came up with two proposals that would help solve issues around empathy with holistic sustainability and food habits.

On the side of awareness, the concept of Check Yourself arose- a system which piggybacks on Netto’s existing price checker to provide information about the food you purchase at the supermarket beyond just the ‘Øko’ label. The checker provides a need-to-know breakdown of the stickers that come with food (Fair Trade, Danish certified), as well as the cumulative impact the item’s growth and transportation has on the environment.

On the other, leveraging the enthusiastic acceptance of community-led practices around shared mealtimes with family, the team created the concept of a New Nordic Community Garden, inspired by the New Nordic restaurant trend. The New Nordic philosophy is centered around seasonal availability, sustainability, and the use of fresh, healthy, and local ingredients. A community garden was designed which would serve to educate and promote these ideals.

An important facet of both solutions was scalability – both were designed to start at the individual or community level, but adapt to national/global levels of growth, in keeping with UNDP Sustainability Goals.