Twisted Twister

As part of the Introduction to Programming course, we were responding to the challenge of creating a game that uses the software processing but draws the players away from a digital interface. Inspired by the game twister, the team created Twisted Twister. This is a 3D variation of the twister game with an automated game master that gives out instructions for each turn so that no one has to miss out on playing.

The code randomises the 3 variables i.e colour, body part and plane for each turn and the computer calls out the instructions for uninterrupted playing, while also keeping track of the reached level. Randomising these elements proved to be a challenge. The team had to ensure that certain impossible combinations (e.g.: right hand-air, left hand-wall, right foot-wall, left foot-wall) were eliminated and every turn had a completely new combination.

Twisted twister turned out out be a fun and playful multiplayer game.