Scream Along

Scream Along is a party game where people compete in various vocal challenges to try and outdo their friends.

The game lures you into playing it by whispering for your attention. It then provides a countdown to prepare you to make the loudest and lowest sound with your voice.

After your performance you can play your video back and see how you rank in the high score list. The game also takes a photo of you while you’re screaming! These images are saved to a gallery which you can share with your friends as a souvenir of your evening.

Scream Along is implemented as a state machine on Processing. A fast-fourier transformation library was to process the voice input in real time. The game was designed keeping in mind the user’s full experience, and so it employs key elements such as high score and gallery screens.

During this week long project, the team learned how to break down sound to its components, the importance of finer non-technical details in enhancing an experience, and to implement a game interaction as code.