LEGOVision is a gaming experience at the intersection of the physical and digital worlds. The reality you create in the physical world gets translated to your computer screen.

Gamers can arrange lego blocks on the Lego Board physically. This configuration of blocks is translated into the screen in the form of obstacles. The objective for the gamer is to hit the monsters at the bottom of the screen with a fireball thrown from the top. The lego blocks act as obstructions for the fireball, making it hard to hit the monsters accurately. The gamer has 3 lives. Missing the monster thrice means the game has been lost. Hitting the monster before losing 3 lives means you win the game.

With LEGOVision, we as a team were interested in expanding the idea of games beyond just computer screens. We have all seen examples of Mixed Reality, where digital experiences can enhance physical realities. However, we wanted to experiment with the polar idea of converting a “real” physical reality into a digital reality, which is how LEGOVision was born.

The game was built using Processing 3 with OpenCV Blob Detection, Minim and mPhysics libraries.