A Tribute to Pong

Is there a way to recreate our favorite childhood games that could be played in physical space without the use of monitors? A game that transcends geographical boundaries and is simple enough for everyone to enjoy? These questions led the team to design A Tribute to Pong in the processing environment.

The GUI of the game is projected to a table and a USB camera is recording the playing field. Two players can move their smartphones along the y-axis to control the paddles. Computer vision (openCV library) is used to detect the hue values of the smartphone screens to track their positions.

By using the bright smartphone as a color source, the team managed to eliminate the huge influence of the light on the stability of the color tracking. Additionally, the team explored processing libraries such as Minim, gifAnimation to add to the playfulness of the game.

This project is a tribute to the first commercially successful video game Pong.