The Antstinct

Humans have ever since used food in order to foster relationships amongst them. Though living in a busy world people have difficulties scheduling their timetables and as a consequence often eat alone. It can be a hassle to organise a common shared dinner and looking after different preferences and tastes. Communicating your dinner plans  with your colleagues friends and family is time consuming and can be a struggle to align everyone conveniently.

The Antstict was specifically designed to get rid of all your food and drinks connected communications and thus should enable people to have more more shared dinners together. Whenever you feel like meeting your loved ones you just enable the device and the Antstinct will guide you directions to their location.

Ants were used as a metaphor since the species instinctively follows their fellow ants. The Antsinct device was designed to seemingly direct and connect you to your fellow peers. In that way you don’t have to use your smartphone to find and agree on timing. This contributes to less screen time and you thus you can absorb your surroundings and environment more consciously.