Laugh link

Laugh link is an exploration of digital communication and an experiment on conveying emotions nonverbally.

Laugh link is an interactive device that helps couples in long distance relationships to feel close and connected. Think about spending quality time with your partner. When you are together a feeling of closeness arouses quite naturally for multiple reasons: You share everyday moments. You experience each other with multiple senses. As a matter of course, you talk about emotions and perceptions rather than facts. When you are apart, creating this feeling of intimacy is much more difficult. How can you resemble the sharing of everyday emotional moments through multiple senses? Based on the finding that laughing moments are key to create bonding and intimacy laugh link makes it possible to share laughing moments in real-time.

Laugh link is a pair of necklaces worn by both partners in a long-distance relationship. Just like a baby phone that detects a crying baby, a necklace detects when someone is laughing and sends the laughter to the partner device. The partner device displays received laughter in 3 ways:

Light: Once laughter is received the necklace starts glowing. Since it is shaped like a mouth the glowing necklace imitates the partner’s smile.

Vibration: An irregular vibration that mimics the actual laughter adds a tactile sense to the received laughter. As the necklace is worn around the neck vibration takes place where one usually feels their own laughter.

Sound: To add a personal touch, the actual laughter is recorded and then replayed by the partner device.

Through a slider the necklace can easily be turned off and both, volume of sound and strengths of vibration, can be regulated.