Easy Squeezy

Students at CIID realized in the first week how difficult it is to keep track of lectures. The lectures are packed with information and one can easily lose track of what is being said while taking notes, ending up confused and frustrated.

Easy Squeezy is a device that helps students record their lectures in a quiet way. It works like a sponge, silently soaking up information during a lecture. It can be easily turned on using the large button on top. The LED ring on the button lights up to indicate it is recording.

While recording, Easy Squeezy grows in size to indicate it is soaking up information. When the lecture is over, it can be squeezed to drain all the information in the form of notes and audio into the cloud and it returns to its original size. Using Easy Squeezy, students can easily manage information overload and stay in control of their studies.

Easy Squeezy was developed as part of the Intro to Interaction Design course (1 week), where the team started developing an interaction based on a pre-defined problem statement and fleshed it out with the aid of a metaphor (in this case, a sponge).