Bloom is a multisensory lamp that nudges teams towards healthy brainstorming sessions


Think of a time when the brainstorming session in your team gets animated, tension rises, and the conversation is dominated by a few. While on the other hand, some people lose their interest as they do not like the direction taken by the brainstorm session. Given that each team member’s unique voice plays a pivotal role during the brainstorming session, is there a way to reorient discussions in a non-intrusive manner?

Bloom was designed taking inspiration from an actual flower, constraining ourselves from using a mobile interface in designing the solution.

On the surface, Bloom appears to be a small flower shaped lamp. Yet, when the team discussion gets imbalanced, the flower petals surrounding the lamp slowly wilts dimming the light. If the team does not reorient themselves after the notification, the lamp continues to dim and completely goes dark.

Further exploration of the device design includes the user interaction to switch the device on and off.

Bloom utilizes users facial gesture and voice as an input to detect an imbalance in team dynamics. Bloom displays the team engagement level through the brightness of the lamp.

Bloom serves as a gentle reminder that each voice counts and the need for fostering open and collaborative team discussions.