Bjørn’s Basket

What’s Bjørn’s basket?
Bjørn’s basket is an interactive supermarket basket designed to encourage international students to cook at home using local ingredients by making grocery shopping a more enjoyable experience. Moving abroad to a new city as an international student is exciting but simple tasks such as grocery shopping can become difficult to navigate, especially when the shopper does not speak the local language and is on a budget.

How does it work?
At the entrance of the supermarket, the shopper can select from baskets displaying recipes created by Danish chefs, such as Bjørn, using local ingredients. Once the preferred basket has been picked up, it will guide the user through her shopping experience using sound and vibration feedback to identify the recipe’s ingredients. Bjørn’s basket starts vibrating to help the user identify the location of the ingredients necessary to complete the recipe. Once the shopper places the ingredient in the basket, a sound will notify her if it’s the correct one, then guide her to the next ingredients. At the checkout, the shopper receives with her receipt a printed copy of the recipe and cooking method to help her cook at home.

The video was created as a rapid prototyping exercise to test a simple interaction and its feedback loop.