The Orb

What creates an image and how we as humans perceive and process this data?

Our brains perceive images as constant light and process 10-12 images per second. If a subsequent image replaces it in this period of time, it creates an illusion of continuity.

The team took advantage of this principle to create their drawing machine. A rotating LED strip blinks a predefined code in a way that the person observing, perceives a static image.

The orb had a two fold challenge to be solved- the structural and the serial buffer from Arduino board to the LED strip on the rotating ring. Sketching out the schematics of the installation helped understand the relationship between different components of the orb fitting, and working together.

The Arduino sends out a buffer command to the LED strip from a predefined array of code. This controls the blinking of the LEDs. The blinking is calibrated with the velocity of the rotating ring, producing a perceived static image.

The final output demonstrates the concept of ‘persistence of vision’ in  a visually pleasing way.