Messy AR

During week 2 of Immersive Experiences, the team chose to investigate microinteractions in the context of virtual/augmented/mixed reality.

Back in the good old days, tech was plasticky and things sometimes needed a good whack to get working again. Tech used to be messy, and we used to love its quirks! Augmented reality is rarely messy. 3D objects rendered in conventional reality are often unnaturally pristine surfaces, at odds with the world around them.

For this project, a cassette corder was modified to operate a video player in augmented reality. The video was given some analog characteristics – like static before it was switched on, in order to bring some of the messiness of technology from a bygone era into a ‘modern’ experience. The cassette corder was modified so that pressing the analog buttons would fully control the digital player. The video was deliberately chosen to contrast as strongly as possible with the cassette corder.