Windblown is a weather app that helps hikers reduce exposure to the elements, by showing the direction of the wind & the type of weather in a graphical non-textual way.

The app shows hourly wind-direction & speed, with the hourly time at the bottom & backdrop showing night/day. Tapping on the button reveals the detailed weather for the hour, whether it is rain or snow. If there is no precipitation, falling leaves indicate the relative wind strength for that hour.

The app was created through a two-week investigation into graphical user interfaces, using rapid prototyping methods in Sketch and Origami. The app was first designed in greyscale, before an appropriate color palette was selected.

Key learnings include:
– Rapid asset development in Sketch
– Prototyping of interactions and animations in Origami
– Fundamental principles of graphic design, such as frame, hierarchy, line and plane, etc.
– Fundamental principles of graphical user interface and interactions