Visibility app

This app is designed for citizens of urban metropolitan areas that face an important air pollution problem, providing them at a glance visual, color-coded information about the latest AQI readings.
As part of a Graphical User Interface class, the brief required to build a weather app addressing a climate change crisis. The first part of the exercise aimed to resemble a regular weather app, while the final one had required to use as little words as possible.
When launching the app, the colored circle loads up according to the current air quality index color code. The screen then fogs up providing actual outdoor visibility.
This app is built around a key interaction and aims to use minimal gestures to navigate. Only one finger and two simple gestures are needed: Pulling down and swiping left. Additionally, subtle nudges such as bouncing left or down, are used to guide the user of the different gestures that will reveal the information.
When pulling the circle down, daily health recommendation icons will appear. When swiping the pull-out menu hiding on the right side of the app to the left, a 3-day forecast will be shown.